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Historical and legal examination of that part of the decision of the Supreme court of the United States in the Dred Scott case ; which declares the unconstitutionality of the Missouri compromise act, and the self-extension of the Constitution to territories, carrying slavery along with it. With an appendix, containing: I. The debates in the Senate in March, 1849, between Mr. Webster and Mr. Calhoun, on the legislative extension of the Constitution to territories, as contained in vol II. ch. CLXXXIi. of the "Thirty years' view." II. The inside view of the southern sentiment, in ralation the Wilmot Proviso, as see in Vol. II. ch. CLXVIII. of the "Thirty years' view." III. Review of President Pierce's annual message to Congress of December, 1856, so far as it relates to the abrogation of the Missouri compromise act and the classification of parties

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